Cat.6А F/UTP System Cable (500 MHz)


SheathPart NumberName
PVC 683-1200 OK-net System Cable F/UTP-cat.6А 23AWG PVC
LS0H 683-1210 OK-net System Cable F/UTP-cat.6А 23AWG LSOH
LSFR0H 683-1220 OK-net System Cable F/UTP-cat.6А 23AWG LSFROH

LAN-cable is designed for structured cable systems (SCS) in the frequency range according to its category. LAN-cable consists of 4 pairs of insulated conductors twisted together, covered with protective sheath. It is used for permanent installation inside stations, structures, premises. Complies with standards ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-1, ANSI/TIA-568.



Frequency range up to 500 MHz
Conductor soft annealed solid copper wire Ø 0.57 mm
Pair quantity 4
Screen F/UTP – overall screened cable with unscreened
Sheath PVC, LS0H, LSFR0H


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